Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Guardian Reveals Correctica's Discovery That Intelligence Agencies May Not Be So Intelligent

In honor of National Grammar Day, we decided to analyze the grammar of websites that belong to top tier organizations that you would think would be above any and all errors. These organizations are notoriously known for having no hard feelings, for letting people slide, and for not being intimidating at all: the CIA, the NSA, and the MI5. [Gulps]

The Guardian bravely reported on our findings and was surprised that "these agencies -- which claim to exhibit, employ and exude intelligence -- all but abandon it when it comes to grammar and basic copy editing." 

Our research uncovered a 13% error rate for American intelligence agencies and a slightly better 7% error rate for British agencies. 

In the article, writer Adam Lewis explains "there is a growing body of evidence that suggests spelling and grammar have measurable effects on perceptions of credibility, quality and importance--traits ought to be essential for agencies charged with protecting our safety and security."

Would you like to see if your website fares better than the ‪‎CIA‬'s and NSA‬'s did? Run a free preliminary scan of your site here!

Learn what other embarrassing gaffes we uncovered in The Guardian's article here.